My name is Steven Olsen and I am a "Colonial Commoner" (Mark Kermode reference).  I was built in New Zealand, but have lived in the UK for over 20years.  I have always loved mountain biking and discovered single-speed MTBing whilst being trapped in London. 

I am a Product Designer and have worked with On-One Bikes and Cooper Bikes before starting my own brand.  For the last 5 years, I have been developing my own OLSEN bike frames around belt-drive systems and the Pinion gearbox.  I have gone back to my Bauhaus design roots where "Form follows function". OLSEN Bikes are designed around the fundamental needs (not want) of a rider.


I spent 2020 and 21 designing everyday versatile hard-tail bikes that you can take on the toughest rides.  I designed OLSEN frames around the type of riding that suits your needs, whether that's mountain biking, city commuting or a hybrid. Versatility is key to our range, with our frames fitting as many different tyre sizes as possible to handle your style of riding across whatever terrain you want to ride.  If you are in the Alps then our frames can be built up as a long travel hard tail with 150mm Forks. If you like global bikepacking then our bikes can run rigid forks.  I believe in riding in any weather and all weather, so component reliability is of utmost importance.

All of our new bikes have derailleur hangers, with a built-in backup should things go wrong in the middle of nowhere.  OLSEN frames can be changed to singlespeed, but also accommodate different gear options, such as Gates Carbondrive, Rohloffs Speedhub, Kindernay hub gear and Shimano Alfine 8 or 11 internal hub gears.  OLSEN also have frames designed to fit Pinion and Effigear gearboxes.

At OLSEN Bicycles we believe in simplicity, versatility and long distance riding, whether off-road or on-road.  We are about touring, roughstuff, and pass-storming.  Whether you ride Singlespeed, fixed gear, Derailleur, Belt-drive, internal hub gear or gearbox, Push a Bike, Hike-a-Bike, what ever you choose, with OLSEN bikes you will be ready to go further and explore.

OLSEN Bicycles have been developed for off-road adventures anywhere in the world, but are not so specialist that you can't ride to the school run or the shops.