Pinion Pre-Orders

Pinion Pre-Orders

We have a limited number of 12 and 18 Speed Pinion gearboxes coming... These two models are both due in mid-February.

Because we don't like to let our customers down, we've decided to start taking pre-orders for the Pinion e bicycles with the C1.12 and P1.18 transmissions.

Are you trying to find the best bicycle with a gearbox? Look nowhere else! Our bikes include the ground-breaking Pinion gearbox bicycle is a complete package that offers riders a safe and dependable ride. Riders can quickly switch between flat and hilly terrain thanks to the revolutionary design's entire range of gears. You can comfortably ride this bike up and down city streets as well as off-road routes. Additionally, you won't again need to worry about gear changes in the middle of a ride again!

Get yours right away to enjoy the performance and ease of our geared bicycle.
Take advantage of our limited-time promotion by placing your preorder today!  

Find the PRE-ORDER Page here: