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Syncros XR2.5 Saddle

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Designed for versatility, the Syncros XR2.5 Saddle provides a comfortable and durable platform for road cycling as well as mountain bike (MTB) riding.

This high-quality saddle features a hard-wearing microfabric construction, which makes it suitable for handling the pressure from day-long rides with multiple changes to your position. Its dependable nylon shell also gives it flexibility and strength as you pedal, so you can benefit from a more comfortable ride on your road bike or mountain bike. Syncros has kitted out this model with robust steel rails, which allows it to securely hold you in place, wherever your ride takes you. One final highlight is it comes complete with polyurethane foam (PU) padding and a central channel, so you can enjoy reduced pressure and fatigue from around your sit bones. This makes it a great choice of upgrade for riders who want to go the extra mile or explore the off-road further with increased comfort and stability on their travels.