Locally Made??

UK manufacturing has its advantages. Controlling the R&D process getting samples and being able to have small batch runs and quality control. Covid has stretched SRAM leadtimes to over 1 year. SRAM can also mess with open standards...

BB30 axle cranks have been around for a while. Shimano have the 24mm standard. SRAM have the 29mm DUB system, which is not standard, because SRAM can do anything.

We have developed our own crank with 30mm spindle, based on FSA BB30 format.
Steven has been developing OLSEN Hubs and Cranks.   This leads onto the development of our OWN Crankset.  CNC cycle times and making stuff in the UK.

This started with a conversation with one of my CNC suppliers on exactly that.. understanding a process and designing around a CNC machine. We came up with a modern CNC crank with a nod to Cook Bros cranks. This crank has been designed to be CNC machined on a bar fed Twin Spindle lathe. Look it up on google. This is cutting edge machining technology.

These crank arms are designed to be both light and stiff and will fit wider STAGES spindles if needed.  The face of these cranks are open so that the anodising gets skuffed, adding contract and character.  They feature the SRAM Direct Chainring Mount System, allowing for spider options & the trusted 30mm Stages interface spindle.  Making the perfect match for modern XC & long distance explorers.