Frame Design Details

Bicycles should not be complicated, they should be ridden, not constantly in the shop. We have adapted 'stable' future-proof bicycle standards, choosing the best high-tech options without losing the reliability of low-tech components. This means that your bike is repairable and adaptable.

We have designed our frames around these 4 areas:
  1. Dropouts: We want to keep a consistant rear wheel width across the range to suit our UK-made rear hubs.
  2. Dropper posts: 30.9mm is the Santa Cruz and Specialized seatpost standard, which allows for dropper posts.
  3. Headsets: SHIS 44/44 means that the Zerostack Top cup and an External Bottom cup, which allows for Tapered Carbon fork steerers.
  4. T47 bottom bracket or EBB54 Eccentric. Again we want to keep this consistant across the range to suit our UK made Cranks.

142mm Maxle Dropout vs Chain Tension vs Disc:
With over 20years of riding singlespeeds, Stevo started working on 2 tensioning systems.  Dropouts have changed to maxles for better tortional stiffness.
Disc brakes need to move with the wheel axle, so 135 wheels have slowly disappeared.  Our replaceable Rocker dropouts provide Maxle and precision belt tensioning.  We have chosen 142mm OLD spacing, as this has roots with 135mm disc wheels.  This 135/142 standard has been adopted by internal hub gears

We are going round, stainless steel and wide-wide for our direct mount fitment for singlespeed, hub gears.  These chainrings are designed laser cut and CNC machined from 316 stainless in Sussex, in the UK.  By manufacturing products with the highest quality machinery we can compete with Asian prices.

Primarily for Singlespeed and Fixed gear riding and even internal hub gears, Odd teethed cogs are a good thing when you are trying to find that perfect gear.  We have developed Spiders for our chainset and rear hubs.

T47x92mm vs 54mm Eccentric bottom bracket:
T47 is a new bottom bracket standard. We have chosen this standard as we can get a 92mm wide bottom bracket.  Currently popular with custom frame builders and starting to be adopted by larger frame manufacturers.  T47 is based on PF92, allowing the chainstays to be wider, providing more tyre clearance.  I know another bottom bracket standard, however this is versatile and backward compatible.

54mm Eccentric Bottom Bracket shell:
54mm ID is backward compatible with the Bushnell EBB.  However we have developed a Pushfit Eccentric Bottom Bracket to fit 54mm shell.  Although not belt drive these bikes, these bikes are still single-speed.